Bucket Truck Accessories

After you’ve picked out the perfect work truck, you’ll want to take a look at some accessories that will both improve your truck’s versatility and extend its service life. Some of the most common truck accessories include bucket covers, bucket hooks, tool trays, and tool pouches.

To make the best use of your bucket truck accessories, you’ll need a truck (odd how that works). If you …

What Licenses do I need for my bucket truck?

In addition to their daily work requirements, bucket truck owners and operators have to stay on top of the changing requirements and legislation regarding proper licensure and certification. Below we answer some of the most common questions regarding requirements to legally operate a bucket truck.

Required Licensing

The CDL -- commercial driver’s license -- is standard fare …

What Size Truck Do I Need?

Buying a bucket truck isn’t all that different from buying any other vehicle. There are specific factors to consider, but for the most part, a buyer looks for the same things: maintenance records, overall vehicle condition, vehicle specifications, and agreeable price. With that in mind, we’ve detailed some of the factors specific to bucket trucks that a buyer should keep …

Bucket Truck Safety 101

In addition to proper bucket truck maintenance, another item that need to be on your priority list after you’ve made the investment to purchase a bucket truck is safety. Adhering to safe work practices will keep you and your employees alive and out of legal trouble.

Get in the habit of checking your truck’s safety components. It’s important to check …

Helping You Understand the Types of Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are nothing if not versatile. That’s why you’ll see bucket trucks used by companies ranging from public utilities to painters and tree-trimmers. Because of that versatility, you might see bucket trucks referred to by a few different terms. We wanted to take a minute to clear up any confusion.


boom truck lift

Maintaining Your Bucket Truck

Bucket Truck Maintenance 101

Buying a bucket truck is a serious investment, and it only makes sense that you take care of that investment with preventative maintenance - and that starts from the second the truck arrives. Maintaining your boom truck is the best step you can take to ensure that it delivers a lifetime of service, and below we’ve detailed the maintenance schedule you can roughly expect …

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