Boom Trucks VS Forestry Trucks

Helping You Understand the Types of Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are nothing if not versatile. That’s why you’ll see bucket trucks used by companies ranging from public utilities to painters and tree-trimmers. Because of that versatility, you might see bucket trucks referred to by a few different terms. We wanted to take a minute to clear up any confusion.


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What Are Bucket Trucks?

Bucket trucks are known for having the bucket -- also known as the boom, which we’ll explain in a minute -- which provides access to heights and locations one couldn’t reach with a ladder. They’re usually powered by an internal combustion diesel engine, though it’s becoming more popular to see hybrid models in various workplaces.

For the standard bucket truck, its engine is mated to the truck’s transmission which in turn drives the differential during operation. A secondary shaft, sometimes called a PTO, powers the hydraulic rams that move the truck’s lift into position.

Many bucket trucks come with an auxiliary internal combustion engine which is usually installed on one side of the truck’s chassis. Typically, the auxiliary engine has a smaller displacement and lower horsepower figures, with the goal being to conserve fuel without sacrificing functionality. Its role is to power the hydraulic system when the lift is in use.

Hybrid bucket trucks are equipped with not one engine but rather two different types of engines. Under the hood of this hybrid version is its main diesel engine that powers the transmission during on-road driving; an electric motor lies alongside the diesel engineer to power the truck’s hydraulic system.

Various industries use bucket trucks, digger derricks and cranes on a daily basis.

  • Electric Utility & Telecom

  • Lighting & Sign Maintenance

  • Construction

  • Forestry, Tree Care & Landscaping

  • Fire Rescue

  • Exterior Painting

  • Window Washing

  • Fruit Picking

  • Animal Rescue

  • Photography & Film Making


More About Bucket Trucks


What Are Boom Trucks? Who Uses Them?

The pole of a bucket truck, called the “boom,” is where these trucks get their name. They’re known as the “holy grail” of construction vehicles, due to their versatility and function. The hydraulic crane allows workers to access high surfaces and easily transport materials from ground to roof. A boom truck’s flatbed allows for easy transportation and storage of materials. Because boom truck operators are often working at considerable heights and in less-than-ideal conditions, proper safety procedure is critical.

A boom winch mounted in the bed of a large truck can transport construction material and equipment to a site from streetside, while a boom truck equipped with a cherry picker can allow an arborist to access treetops.

The most common boom truck is the boom truck crane, known as boom crane. This machine works as a typical crane and can be most commonly found in a construction area which is hard to access and which requires a heavy-duty lifting vehicle.

Popular boom truck manufacturers: Ford, Freightliner, GMC, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sterling, Volvo and Western Star. If you’re interested in shopping for a boom truck, you can view our inventory below.

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What Are Forestry Trucks? What Do They Do?

Forestry trucks are more geared toward working around trees, hence their name. Forestry trucks are typically equipped with a cover to keep limbs from falling on the cab called a cab guard. One popular tool used with forestry trucks is a GCRS, a good rigging control system. Its purpose is to assist in lowering heavy loads in a safe and controlled fashion; it does so with two specialized spools, one for lowering and one for lifting. In short, the GCRS makes it child’s play to raise and lower limbs, and move yard brush, and wood up embankments. You can learn more about popular forestry truck accessories here.

You can view our selection of forestry trucks below.


Chipper Trucks

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