Bucket Truck Accessories

Bucket Truck Accessories

After you’ve picked out the perfect work truck, you’ll want to take a look at some accessories that will both improve your truck’s versatility and extend its service life. Some of the most common truck accessories include bucket covers, bucket hooks, tool trays, and tool pouches.

To make the best use of your bucket truck accessories, you’ll need a truck (odd how that works). If you haven’t yet done so, you can view our inventory and make your purchase.

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Bucket Covers

Bucket covers are a clever and useful tool to keep water and debris out of your bucket when not in use. Many units are made from a durable vinyl reinforced with nylon and come with bungee straps and hooks to keep the cover in place.

Bucket hooks

Bucket hooks are made from a durable polymer and feature a high breaking strength and resistance to cold. They’re used for hanging tool holders inside and outside the bucket. Some have a tapered end allowing the user to hang up to 4 rubber blankets from an aerial basket without ripping the eyelets.

Tool Tray

Tool trays are usually constructed of a durable but low density polyethylene, which keeps weight to a minimum without sacrificing strength or resistance to cracking and chipping. Often, they’re somewhere in the ballpark of 22-24” in length, long enough to fit most tools and bolts while remaining compact enough for a one-man bucket.

Tool Pouch/Apron

Tool pouches and aprons will include a number of pockets for your hand tools - some models have as many as 10 or more pockets. The pouches are reinforced with heavy duty rivets.

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