Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet

Schmidy's Bucket Trucks from 62 to 71 Feet

When you are tasked with installing devices for various services such as electrical works and telecommunications, some of the most effective tools can be bucket trucks from 62 to 71 feet. An advantage of bucket trucks is the ability to service a location on-site with the minimum amount of equipment while maximizing safety. Bucket trucks have been used extensively by utility companies for all types of maintenance, as well as for new construction.

Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet
Since bucket trucks were designed and introduced to the industry, power companies have recognized many applications for them. Manufacturers were then encouraged to strengthen the trucks to be able to contain and operate two buckets, or a 2-man tub. While single-bucket trucks are generally safer, the safety that is integrated into the whole mechanical system of all bucket trucks has been honed by recent technology.

Safe Bucket Trucks

Working on energized power lines requires bucket trucks with boom structures that are generally constructed from fiberglass. This keeps the boom fully insulated. Safe and standard hydraulic techniques are utilized in a bucket truck to exercise maximum safety in lifting and lowering a bucket. Hoses that interconnect the valves should be made with the toughest synthetic materials.

Many recent models of bucket trucks have increased lifting capacity which requires bigger booms that in turn require more equipment for logistics. These cost a lot more and may defeat the purpose of mobility. Utility companies have since decided that single bucket trucks should be operated with their own independent boom for greater flexibility and safety.

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Bucket Trucks from 62 to 71 Feet by Schmidy's