Altec Bucket Trucks from 30-45 Feet

Medium Sized Altec Bucket Trucks

The Altec L37M bucket truck is a member of the series of Altec bucket trucks from 30-45 Feet. It is perfect for light-duty applications given its size and features. The low center of gravity of the whole machinery adds to the stability of the bucket truck, either in motion or more especially during lift operations. This bucket truck is suitable for linemen and installers working at mid-height.

Another useful feature of the Altec bucket truck is the ability of the boom to move to the side of the truck. A worker can easily forget a piece of equipment, material, or tool from the side storage of the truck. With its versatile boom, the worker can smoothly move from any point all the way to the side of the truck with ease. The worker no longer needs to replace the bucket to its original position, alight, and retrieve the needed equipment.

The Bucket Truck's User-Friendly Platform

The platform is one of the best features of this bucket truck. The low platform stow allows ease and convenience for the worker when riding and alighting the bucket. With the bucket sitting low, servicemen can conveniently go in and out with ease. For the L37M, the stowed travel height of 9' 3”, and the platform capacity and height are 350 lbs. and 37 ft. respectively.

Controls are also conveniently located on the platform of this bucket truck. The platform provides a convenient armrest to smoothly operate the controls. No twisting of the wrist is required of the serviceman. Maneuvering the boom and the bucket becomes very easy. In addition, no material handling restriction based on a lower boom angle. Lastly, the Altec bucket truck's patented “Walking Link” provides smooth overcenter operation. An offset fixed platform offers convenient access to jib where its functions are also easily accessible from the platform.

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