Altec Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet

Schmidy's Altec Bucket Trucks from 62 to 71 Feet

The AM900 is Altec's pride when it comes to Altec bucket trucks from 62-71 feet. In particular, this Altec bucket truck provides a working height of 71.6 ft and a side reach of 37.2 ft. In addition, this powerful machine features side-by-side booms for a low-stow travel height. The convenient feature of this bucket truck prevents workers from sustaining injuries from unnecessary tasks such as lifting equipment to the bucket.

Also, the construction of the booms of this bucket truck is specially designed to lift greater loads to greater heights. Structurally speaking, the twin boom allows a better distribution of weight among the two booms, giving greater stability and control to the bucket truck operator. When working with Altec bucket trucks from 62-71 feet, you would want your machinery to be working for you, and not against you.

The Altec ISO-Grip Control System for Bucket Trucks

When working from heights of up to 71 feet, linemen need to feel safe with their equipment. That is why the AM900 is equipped with the Altec ISO-Grip Control System. Altec's patented feature is a high-electrical resistance, single-handle controller that provides a secondary level of protection against electrical current. No amount of protection is ever enough for bucket trucks that work with high-power lines.

In addition to its safety feature, the Altec ISO-Grip is also a standard user-friendly control panel. This panel comes with a handle that is equipped with an integral interlock and interlock guard. According to Altec, these industry-leading safety features meet ANSI A92.2 requirements for upper controls, which incorporate High Electrical Resistance Components (HERCs). Linemen will surely feel protected with these features integrated into Altec Bucket Trucks, especially when working on lines from 62-71 feet.

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Altec Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet