Altec Bucket Trucks from 72 Feet and Up

Schmidy's Altec Bucket Trucks from 72 Feet and Up

If you are looking for quality Altec Bucket Trucks that work from 72 feet and up, then the Altect AH100 bucket truck is the machinery for you. Altec’s AH series is the perfect bucket truck with an articulating material handler for extra working height. More specifically, the AH100 provides a working height of 100 ft and a side reach of 50.5 ft. This long reach is very useful in many applications needing work at this height.

The AH100 is a bucket truck that operates smoothly. With its continuous rotation feature, a lineman can expect a smooth ride ascending to his work area. The 180-degree hydraulic platform rotation is every worker's dream especially when working with applications that require manipulation in every direction. This bucket truck's hydraulic platform leveling and tilt ensure workers and equipment work at level conditions all the time. This is particularly important when working on high-powered lines beyond 72 feet.

Altec Bucket Trucks Articulated Boom Design

An articulated boom design allows for these Altec bucket trucks to move with versatility in different directions. Unlike a scissor-type lift mechanism that only allows booms to travel vertically, an articulated boom lift can travel both horizontally and vertically. This allows access to hard-to-reach areas by reaching over large obstacles, or when reaching very high overhangs.

Articulated booms in Altec bucket trucks give many workers the convenience of being able to move around at such a great height. These lifts can be used by construction workers, window fitters, and large signage installers who need a strong and stable platform on which to stand when working on the outside of a building. Tree specialists and firefighters find this feature very convenient because they need the maneuverability of the bucket truck the most.

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Altec Bucket Trucks from 72 Feet and Up