Altec Heavy Duty Bucket Trucks

Altec Heavy Duty Bucket Trucks

Utility contractors who are in need of heavy-duty bucket trucks can turn to Altec for quality and durable equipment. Altec heavy duty bucket trucks can come in single or dual bucket, flatbed, storage boxes, and upper and lower boom controls. All these features add up to help workers carry out elevated tasks with ease.

Forestry trucks are heavy duty bucket trucks that are used in clearing dead or unwanted tree branches and other limbs. These bucket trucks have insulated booms to ensure the safety of the worker when working near energized lines. Altec’s bucket trucks also have material handlers to lift materials or equipment that workers need to work with.

Quality Bucket Trucks from Altec

Altec provides bucket truck solutions and commits to building products that last. The state-of-the-art Altec ProTEC electro-coating prime paint system provides a high level of protection for bucket trucks. Altec also offers the Altec Clear Coat paint option that locks in color and protects the body from the harmful elements during operation.

Aside from its tough booms, Altec also provides bodies for high duty bucket trucks. Altec also puts a lot of time and resources in providing high quality bodies for various applications. Altec offers different truck mounted bodies that include service bodies, forestry bodies, and utility line bodies. From design to fabrication, Altec is dedicated in building only the highest quality of equipment for the industry.

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