Safety Features of Altec Bucket Trucks from 46-61 Feet

Bucket trucks need to provide safety features for their workers. Here are some of the recommended features of Altec Bucket Trucks that add to the safety and convenience of the workers.

Fall Protection System

A fall protection system is a standard for all bucket trucks. These systems protect workers from falling over, electrocution, tip-over, and other hazards related to operating and maintaining bucket trucks, and insulated and non-insulated aerial devices including tree care devices. Altec bucket trucks meet the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

To meet the described requirements for all models, Altec has transitioned to a 4.5-foot decelerating lanyard as their standard lanyard offering. Altec believes this is an appropriate approach that minimizes disruptions to current fall protection practices in the industry.

Platform Liner

Platform liners in Altec Bucket Trucks are there to protect the bucket itself as well as its operator. These liners are designed and tested to keep the operator of the bucket truck safe if the boom or the bucket comes into contact with energized power lines. Altec has used the latest in cutting-edge insulation for these liners.

No lineman or utility worker should use a bucket truck around power lines without a platform liner. In most cases, it is against regulations to be in the platform of a bucket truck without using a bucket liner. These liners can also protect the bucket in case something heavy is dropped inside, or in case an operating chain saw is accidentally brushed against the top of the bucket.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a recommended feature of Altec bucket trucks to provide additional safety during operation. These wedges are made of sturdy materials that are placed behind a bucket truck's wheels to prevent unintentional movement. Altec wheel chocks are designed for safety in addition to the bucket truck's powerful braking features. The bottom surface is coated with a special type of rubber to enhance grip with the ground.

Wheel chocks allow Altec bucket trucks to safely operate even on slopes. The reliability of these wheelchocks allows the worker to focus on the task at hand by worrying less about the bucket truck rolling out of control.

Outrigger Pads

Altec outrigger pads provide effective load support and equal distribution of load for outrigger-enabled equipment. Bucket trucks need outrigger pads for added stability to the truck and safety for the worker.

The materials used for the bucket truck's outrigger pads do not splinter, and they are chemical and moisture-resistant. These pads have high impact resistance to extend their working life. They are extremely safe, and they are unbreakable under normal working conditions. Outrigger pads adapt to the working surface with a built-in memory mechanism to ensure that the pad returns to its original shape. The pads also have an extremely high resistance to vertical pressure.

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