Hi-Ranger Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet

Schmidy's Hi-Ranger Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet

The GMC C7500 is an elevator bucket truck that can work wonders. For applications needing that extra reach, these Hi-Ranger bucket trucks from 62-71 feet are just the right type of machinery to use. This bucket truck can get you up to a 75 ft. working height. This is perfect for forestry trucks and mid to heavy-duty applications. For the extra tall trees, this is the bucket truck you need. This bucket truck gives a smooth ride while providing power for that extra lifting ability.

The 3176 CAT Diesel motor purrs like a kitten on the outside but roars like a beast from the inside. The automatic rev-up cleans the engine while improving efficiency. Energy mechanics are improved in this engine which relatively prolongs its life while cleaning itself. The precision-engineered motor can run on high idle, with very minimal to absolutely no blowby. The 3176 is a very good engine and is standard in the C7500 series of bucket trucks.

Power Towers for Bucket Trucks

This Hi-Ranger Unit is very intuitive, running very smoothly even on lift operations. During the lift, it runs on a fast idle that automatically turns on when the Power Take Off/ Power Tower (PTO) is in gear. The PTO is mounted to the top of an auxiliary transmission and its vertical casing and gives the unit its distinct name. PTOs can provide the engine's full-rated power output and are commonly used to drive hydraulic pumps of bucket trucks.

To use Hi-Ranger Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet, all the driver needs to do is apply the parking brake and put the auxiliary transmission into neutral to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Next, the main transmission is put into its direct gear, which is usually the second highest or highest gear. The engine hand throttle can is turned up to provide the proper rotational speed then the PTO attachment can now be activated to raise the bucket.

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