Why You Should Buy Used Bucket Trucks

Buy Used Bucket Trucks

Why You Should Buy Used Bucket Trucks

Consumers are more likely to buy used bucket trucks than to buy new ones; in tough economic times, it can be a better investment.   The prices that new car dealers are able to offer over used car dealers just don’t carry over into the bucket truck market.  However, just because one is buying used instead of new, doesn’t mean that quality must be sacrificed, particularly in the case of bucket trucks for the utility and forestry industries.

Buying a New Bucket Truck vs. Buying a Used Bucket Truck 

When you buy new, sometimes you also have to deal with the development of electrical or mechanical issues as well as production problems that normally don’t surface until the bucket truck has sustained a fair amount of use.  Also, cutting down the break-in period is huge.  Break-in is the time that an engine normally needs to allow the bearings to properly set and the piston rings to seal around the cylinder. Usually a brand new bucket truck has to wait for at least 3,000 miles and an oil change before that bucket truck will be at optimum performance.  However, when you buy used, you don’t have to deal with that.  

Save Money While Buying Used Bucket Trucks

Purchasing used forestry trucks or bucket trucks could help to save money, so that you can use the money you do have more effectively.  Every dollar that you save could be invested somewhere else in your business.  There are other obvious cost savings when purchasing used bucket trucks over new: not only the upfront cost, but also the elimination of recurring payments and interest in most cases.  

Buy Quality Used Bucket Trucks

A lot of customers don’t like the idea of buying used bucket trucks; they want new products because they usually look better and are thought to perform better.  A bucket truck is one item in particular that can be purchased used without ill effect.  Avoiding high maintenance and repair costs in the future can be a motivation for companies to sell vehicles while they still have resale value.  However, the seller will often provide maintenance on such bucket trucks so that their customers can avoid potential mechanical issues after the purchase.

Buy Used Bucket Trucks for Performance

Buying used bucket trucks not only saves your company money, but when you use a reputable dealer, you are assured that they have looked into the maintenance needs of the trucks to ensure that they give you optimum performance.  Forestry trucks and bucket trucks may be used for physically demanding jobs and may have very tough requirements placed upon them.  Using a dealer with a reputation for quality and fairness makes a huge difference in your ability to know that your vehicles will perform above your expectations every time.

Buy Used Bucket Trucks from Schmidy's - A Quality Used Bucket Truck Dealer

Schmidy’s Machinery, based in Clinton Illinois but servicing all 50 U.S. States, Canada, and major U.S. territories, is such a trusted bucket truck and forestry truck dealer.  For years, Schmidy’s has offered the same high level of quality, putting pride into our vehicles.  When you buy a bucket truck from Schmidy’s, you know that you are getting a great deal and the service that comes with it.  Schmidy’s is proud of the relationships that have developed over the years with those who have purchased new and used bucket trucks.  Our financing options make it even easier to afford a great bucket truck.  Contact us today to find out how we can make the difference and bring you the bucket trucks you need.

Buy Used Bucket Trucks From Schmidy's Machinery