Wood Chippers

Wood Chippers and Chipper Trucks

Schmidy’s sells wood chippers and chip trucks to suit all forestry needs including the manufacture of paper, wood chips, and saw dust.  Our wide inventory includes: 

  • wood chippers,

  • chip trucks,

  • stump grinders,

  • whole tree chippers,

  • disk chippers,

  • drum chippers,

  • tree chippers,

  • roller chippers, and more.

We are proud to have a wide selection of wood chippers and chip trucks. We help service the forestry and off-road industries, the telecommunications industry, utility industries, and many other wood chipper and chip truck needs.

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Chipper Trucks For Sale

A chipper truck is a special type of forestry truck designed to catch woodchips as soon as they come out of an industrial woodchipper. Our inventory of chip trucks for sale can safely handle tree debris and woodchips on the job, equipping you to remove chips from the site and deliver them to the dumping destination. Trucks move in and out of our inventory quickly, so check back frequently for specific chip truck model availability.

A chip truck typically pulls the woodchipper from behind and the woodchips are deposited into the rear, though a large chipper truck for sale may have a woodchipper installed on the truck itself. Some larger chipper trucks have a self-loading arm and a side-loading conveyor belt system. Chipper trucks for sale can either be enclosed or open. The catch with open-top chipper trucks is that operators have to cover the load with a tarp when the job is finished. For those considering an open-top chipper truck, you'll want to make sure you have a chipper or grinder with a tall conveyor system or high-clearance loaders.

Stump Grinders: this tool removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc that chips away the wood. Depending on its application, the unit may be as large as a truck or as small as a lawn mower. Vertical stump grinders are attached to tracteors, excavators, and chipper trucks. These machines can completely remove the roots of the trees in a few seconds, and they're widely used in the forestry industry. 

Disk Chippers: the successor to drum chippers, disk chippers easily feed all sorts of wood and brush. This chipper has a steel disc with the cutting blades on it. They offer faster production and higher productivity than their predecessor.

Drum Chippers: these work with the help of a big engine powered drum. Drum chippers chip small material into usable bits, turning waste material into profitable and sustainable refuse. Drum chippers come in a variety of different configurations, including with or without cab and loader, on tracks or tires, and diesel or electric motors. 

Roller Chippers: these chippers are operated at low speed by an electric motor, which helps reduce noise produced during operation. Their electric motor helps these units produce impressive torque to help you get the job done.