Bucket Trucks from 30 to 45 Feet

Bucket Trucks from 30 to 45 FeetSchmidy's Bucket Trucks from 30 to 45 Feet

Bucket trucks from 30 to 45 feet can be used for a variety of applications.  Whatever your intended use is, we can help you identify the truck that is perfect for you.  Here are some of the common uses for this particular bucket truck height.

Bucket Trucks for Tree Trimming

For reaching tree heights that are too high to safely access by ladder, yet not high enough to warrant a longer-reach bucket truck, the 30 to 45-foot truck is ideal.  This height is great for city workers attending to trees in city squares or parks, keeping branches clear from power lines, and preparing for possible ice storms or inclement weather.   Power companies may use trucks of this height to keep trees clear of lines in urban areas.

Bucket Trucks for Animal Rescue

To safely reach lower heights to rescue animals trapped in trees or other hard-to-reach places, this is a great bucket truck height.  Whether your area has seen extensive flooding, there is an animal caught in a tree or on a short rooftop, or an animal has otherwise gotten itself into a tricky situation, the 30 to 45 feet bucket truck is perfect.  We carry a variety of models in this work height.

Bucket Trucks for Security Detail

Security guards may use the 30 to 45 foot bucket truck to get a bird’s eye view of a corporate parking lot.  They may find the same truck useful in maintaining guard posts at towers, and in replacing and maintaining security cameras.  Whatever the purpose, the 30 to 45 foot bucket truck serves them well.

If you require a 30 to 45 foot bucket truck, call Schmidy’s today! Our experienced staff with give you a tour of our inventory and answer any questions you might have.  As always, we offer the highest quality maintenance on each and every truck.

Bucket Trucks from 30 to 45 Feet by Schmidy’s