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Schmidy's Machinery has a huge selection of new and used bucket trucks for sale. For used bucket trucks, new bucket trucks, or forestry trucks, Schmidy's top-of-the-line fleet is sure to perform and deliver. Schmidy's has been the bucket truck dealer you can trust for decades. Schmidy's bucket trucks serve a wide range of industries.  From utility companies to forestry professionals, from tree trimmers to signage installers or road construction crews, Schmidy's takes care of all lifting and hauling needs with high-quality bucket trucks.  Any company needing an easy, quick, and safe way to ascend to a risky height can turn to Schmidy's bucket trucks.


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Bucket Trucks: Everything You Need To Know

Bucket trucks were designed as a tool to easily pick fruits in orchards, which explains their original name: "cherry pickers." Now, though, bucket trucks are commonly used for line work (telecommunications, cable, and electricity industries), forestry work such as tree trimming, painting, sign and light repair or installation, window washing, production, and photography, plus a lot more.

As the demand for bucket trucks has increased, the style and features of bucket trucks have increased as well. The following types are some of the most common bucket trucks sold today.

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A versalift bucket truck has a single lifting platform that extends out from the back. This platform can extend several feet up in the air and is useful for several different tasks, including the lifting of materials and workers up to a platform extended above the ground, or to a rooftop space.


Cherry Picker

A cherry picker is a type of bucket truck with a single-person enclosure that can be extended up, employing a motorized arm system. The largest cherry pickers can lift the person several stories to begin working on a building high up in the air. These trucks are commonly used by window cleaners and other repairmen who work on the outsides of buildings. They can also be helpful with large-scale construction projects.


Aerial Lifts

An aerial lift is similar to a cherry picker. The type of arm that the enclosure is extended upon is different in this case. It is generally a single hydraulic platform that rises in one direction, rather than one that can extend out in various planes.


Boom Trucks

Boom trucks are useful for providing leverage when it is needed in a construction or landscaping situation. These trucks have a large arm that is designed to be extended to the side to counterbalance certain other objects or materials that may be in use.


Digger Derrick

A digger derrick is responsible for setting down in a single area and driving a bit into the ground to dig precisely. The digger derrick is useful for tasks in which a large area needs to be excavated but don't have hours to dig the area out by hand.


Forestry Truck

A forestry bucket truck usually has an insulated boom and comes with a single bucket. Of course, they will go to various heights. Before you buy, you need to know how high you will need to work.


Utility Line Truck

Utility line trucks come with a double bucket and also usually have an insulated boom. This truck comes with a utility bed that will hold tools and you should consider the bed size because you need all the space you can get in this industry.


Telescopic bucket trucks

The telescopic bucket trucks offer unmatched versatility and flexibility, enabling you to get to those hard-to-reach places.


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Uses Of Bucket Trucks

Articulated over-center lift:

Typically ranging in height capacity from 35 to 55 feet, articulated over-center lifts allow the operator to access hard-to-reach spots through a boom that travels over the center of the truck. With max horizontal over-center heights that cap out around 50 feet and horizontal reach capabilities that extend to nearly 30 feet, over-center lifts are common among forestry, construction, landscaping, and those that operate in similarly rugged terrain.

Articulated non-over-center lift:

In contrast, articulated non-overcenter lifts feature a design that holds the upper boom at a steady angle as the bucket is raised or lowered. This prevents the bucket from crossing over the center of the truck and makes articulated non-over-center aerials largely suited to easily accessed locations that do not require jockeying or repositioning during service.

Telescopic articulated bucket truck:

Offering the maneuverability of an over-center aerial, telescopic articulated bucket trucks tack on extra reach, providing access from 61 to 70 feet in the air. Designed for sign and lighting maintenance, their heavy-duty chassis, extra outriggers, and robust jib capacities (that accommodate payloads up to 2,000 lbs) also enable them to be used for a variety of forestry and construction applications.

Insulated bucket truck:

Insulated bucket trucks are designed primarily for utility crews and those working around electrical cabling. They're constructed of dielectric components such as fiberglass, preventing the conduction of electricity.


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Do you need help cutting or chipping trees and loading them onto a truck? How about rooting out tough trees and hauling them away? Are you a utility company that must trim around the power lines? For all of your many needs, Schmidy's also provides bucket trucks for rent.

Not only that, we work with you to make sure that all safety measures are taken with your bucket truck and walk you through the entire operation until you get the job done.  From hauling materials to setting up scaffolding on tall buildings, if you want to get it done quickly and easily, you'll want a used bucket truck from Schmidy's.


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In keeping with the versatility and agility of this machine, at Schmidy's we take our bucket trucks and your business seriously.

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