Bucket Trucks from 46 to 61 FeetBucket Trucks from 46 to 61 feet 

Sometimes the shorter-height bucket trucks just won’t do the trick.  You may have hard-to-reach areas and require extra height.  Fortunately, bucket trucks from 46 to 61 feet may do the job for you.  Here are some common uses for this work height:

Bucket Trucks for Window Washing

Particularly in the case of commercial space, smaller-height bucket trucks just aren’t good enough.  The 46 to 61-foot height allows for window washing on small to medium-sized buildings.  This height allows workers a comfortable reach so that they may do their job safely.  

Bucket Trucks for Exterior Painting

For your painting needs, whether on a house or a commercial project, a 46 to 61-foot work height can be ideal.  This height helps you to reach all surfaces needing to be painted safely and with ease.  This can also be helpful for siding on taller homes and smaller buildings, and even for roof work on some buildings.  

Regardless of your need for a bucket truck that extends from 46 to 61 feet, Schmidy’s can help you find what you’re looking for.  Check out our impressive inventory today. We have years of experience offering the finest bucket trucks on the market.  


Bucket Trucks from 46 to 61 Feet by Schmidy’s.

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