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bucket trucks in NY

Schmidy’s Machinery sells bucket trucks in NY including new and used bucket trucks in NY for forestry professionals, utility contractors, municipal workers, construction workers, road crews, and more.

No matter what you require, we can provide the bucket trucks that meet your needs. Not only that, but our professional staff are extremely well versed in bucket trucks and can help to ensure you get the best fit possible. We make sure that all bucket trucks are expertly maintained to give you the most use possible out of each bucket truck.

We carry the best brands on the market including Terex, Versalift, Altec, and Hi-Ranger, and we service Pennsylvania and the entire United States, including all territories, and Canada.


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New York Bucket Trucks

When you're in need of bucket trucks whether in NY or any other state, you can be confident in your selection of Schmidy's Machinery as your dealer of bucket trucks. We are a bucket truck dealer that has been active in the area for over 30 years, focusing on bucket trucks, forestry trucks, and more. We make sure that all New York bucket trucks are cleaned, well-maintained, and in full operational working order before you even look at them. Our goal is to make sure you get the quality you deserve in the bucket truck in IL that you want.

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Bucket Trucks For New York Business Owners

Bucket trucks were designed as a tool to easily pick fruits in orchards, which explains their original name: "cherry pickers." Now, though, bucket trucks in NY are commonly used for line work (telecommunications, cable, and electricity industries), forestry work such as tree trimming, painting, sign and light repair or installation, window washing, production, and photography, plus a lot more.

Power lines, oil rigs, and tree trimming all require bucket trucks that can reach very tall heights in order to perform their job duties safely and accurately. We see bucket trucks every day and teams are hard at work ensuring that we have electricity, oil, and tree limbs cleared away in a timely manner.

Power lines may not seem tall when you’re driving past them on the streets, but most of them can reach heights of 75 feet and taller. Repairing lines and replacing defective transformers require linemen to have the capability of reaching the very top of the power poles. This can be a tough feat to accomplish, and that’s why linemen rely on the tallest bucket trucks they can work with.


New and Used Bucket Trucks in NY

For either new or used bucket trucks, Schmidy’s Machinery delivers the quality you can depend on time and time again. Come see us about bucket trucks in NY or call us today to discuss our wide selection of inventory items and our special financing options.

We want to make sure that no matter what your budget is, you can get the bucket truck you need without breaking the bank. We'll do what it takes to provide the best bucket truck in NY for you. Come see our friendly and expert bucket truck dealers.

No matter what you need for your job in New York, whether it's heavy-duty work in the forestry industry or lighter-duty repair in New York, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, or Ithaca, you can rest assured that Schmidy's Machinery has you covered with our supply of dependable used bucket trucks.