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Having the right equipment for a high-risk job makes all the difference. Increased efficiency always pays, while reduced hazards allow for the proper execution of a certain task. Jobs that require workers to elevate to a higher position may utilize scaffoldings for fixed locations. However, the mobility of Terex bucket trucks is what makes this type of equipment versatile and preferred by many companies.

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Terex bucket trucks are indispensable for crews involved in working high off the ground. Servicing traffic lights and other public installations is easy when technicians use Terex bucket trucks to carry out their tasks. Terex bucket trucks also provide the necessary reach and elevation in other mobile settings. For example, Terex’s Hi-Ranger T292 series mounted on a pickup truck base unit is used to obtain the necessary reach without sacrificing the maneuverability and mileage of a smaller vehicle.

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With Terex bucket trucks, laborers working on roads can position their equipment without blocking more than a single lane of traffic. They are also able to get in and out quickly without the need to deploy any side-mounted stabilizers. This increases the efficiency of the workers while lessening the inconvenience and danger to motorists.

The TEREX Hi-Ranger 6H, which can get up to 80 feet in the air and reach horizontally to a distance of 41 feet, is an ideal tree truck for forestry services and tree trimming. The 6H is rated for up to 1500 lbs. That means it can carry the heaviest trimmings back down to the ground securely. Another excellent choice is the Hi-Ranger XT series with a maximum working height of 65 feet and an optional 10 feet of transverse lift

For utility linesmen working on major transmission towers, the Hi-Ranger Linesman TM 105 reaches a towering 105 feet into the air and can articulate 51 feet from side to side. As with all of the rest of the TEREX bucket trucks, the linesman can be ordered in a fully insulated version that provides extra protection against electrical shock.

Landscape architects and arborists use the Terex Hi-Ranger 6H for tree-trimming tasks. This bucket truck can get up to 80 feet in the air and has a side reach of 41 feet. This bucket truck safely lifts workers to the top of even the largest trees and allows them to work in complete safety. The 6H is rated for up to 1500 pounds, allowing extra equipment to be lifted, and trimmings to be brought back to the ground safely.

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Terex Bucket Trucks