Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet

Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet

Schmidy's Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet in Height

Bucket Trucks up to 29 feet in height can be used for a variety of purposes. Fruit picking, hanging decorations, and stage performances are just a few. Regardless of your purpose, if you are seeking a bucket truck of 29 feet in height or less, the manufacturing quality and accessibility of the vehicle are two of your major concerns.


Bucket Trucks for Orchards

Many fruit orchards use “cherry pickers” today; these types of bucket trucks are standard in the industry today.  A bucket truck of up to 29 feet of work height is ideal for orchard use.  Though popularized in cherry-picking, bucket trucks are also commonly used in other types of fruit picking.


Bucket Trucks for Decorations

To hang decorations in a city square, or on a field at a school, a bucket truck is very useful.  Bucket trucks can often be seen in cities around the holidays, putting up Christmas lights in trees, or decorating the front of important buildings.  Sports teams may use these to help decorate their fields, as well as to change lighting in stadiums.


Bucket Trucks for Stage Performance

Stage performance may have multiple uses for bucket trucks.  Whether in a stadium, at an outdoor event, or for use around a theater with a custom set, these trucks can provide easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach places.  Electricians and lighting techs employed by theater or performance companies are well aware of the benefits of these bucket trucks.

To find out more about how Schmidy’s Machinery can help you with your purchase of a bucket truck up to 29 feet of work height, contact us today.  We have a wide selection of such trucks and expert staff who can answer all of your questions about them.  Call us today or stop by our showroom!


Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet Work Height By Schmidy’s