Altec Bucket Trucks Up to 29 Feet

Schmidy's Altec Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet

Companies that choose Altec Bucket Trucks that work up to 29 feet are those who want their workers to be able to do more using a versatile machine. Those who want to do the same can look into the AN29, Altec's line of bucket trucks that work up to 29 feet. Because this bucket truck has a side reach of 15.54 feet, linemen or installers can move in different directions with ease.

These articulating bucket trucks feature a low-stow, side-mounted platform. A boom articulation of 90 degrees means that the worker is provided with wider freedom to work. The continuous rotation of the booms means that workers can say goodbye to the risks that come with bumpy rides to the top that could seriously go wrong. The AN29 is a powerful and safe machine that can be used in various bucket truck applications.

Altec Non-Overcenter Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet

Altec's non-over center bucket trucks mean that the bucket will articulate and extend to a full 90 degrees, or straight up in the air. The upper and lower booms are stacked on top of each other when the bucket truck is not in operation. Non-over-center bucket trucks also mean that the side reach is equal to the length of the upper boom of the bucket truck.

When working with Altec bucket trucks up to 29 feet for electrical applications, the non-overcenter bucket is preferred over the overcenter because the worker is generally closer to the truck. Grounding mechanisms will be able to work better, adding another layer of safety to the worker. Aside from the different safety features included in Altec bucket trucks, this common configuration will make sure that the worker will be able to focus more on his task rather than worrying too much about his safety.

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Altec Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet