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Terex Boom Trucks

The Ford F550 is one of the most versatile vehicles to use as bucket trucks. Couple this powerful truck with a Terex Boom and there is no kind of work that this machinery can't get done. With a length of up to 286 inches and a width of 95 inches, this bucket truck can be mounted with a boom that can perform light- to medium-duty applications. Many have attested to the reliability of the Ford F550 used as bucket trucks.

This popular Ford-Terex bucket truck boasts a monstrous 6.8-7.3L Power Stroke Turbo diesel engine that you can rely on. The Power Stroke Turbo is Ford's proprietary design that features a 32-valve pushrod V8 engine. Putting the camshaft inside the cylinder block gives this truck the extra power to carry huge loads, perfect for bucket truck applications. This 5/6-speed, automatic transmission truck can get any lineman's task done with ease and in no time.

Ford-Terex Bucket Truck Safety

A safe worker is a productive worker. Bucket trucks like the Ford F550 with a Terex Boom feature many safety installations that provide the needed measures in order for your worker to focus on the task at hand. This bucket truck's 19.5" tires, on dual-rear steel wheels, provide the extra grip needed when working on slippery surfaces. Linemen on the field deployed to hazardous areas such as steep, slippery slopes will find the tires of the Ford virtually immovable.

The Terex TL38P is a single bucket that also does its part in providing safety to its operator. It is mounted center behind the cab, for extra stability and easy bucket alignment to the area of concern. The bucket is also insulated and is provided with a liner. The joystick and one-tool-circuit let workers move the loads with ease while leaving other body parts free from any unforeseen hazards.

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Terex Boom Bucket Trucks