Terex Bucket Trucks from 30-45 Feet

Schmidy's Terex Bucket Trucks from 30-45 Feet

If you have applications needing Terex Bucket Trucks from 30-45 feet, there are a number of models that you can choose from, depending on your needs. If you need a telescopic, articulating aerial device, the Terex NT38 is the right bucket truck for the job. This reliable machinery has a working height of 43 feet and a side reach of 26.3 feet.

The negative 14 degree-rotation capability of the upper boom means that the worker just needs to walk into the bucket from the ground. The storage areas found at the side of the bucket truck add to the convenience of being able to mount the bucket from the ground. Workers who experience high winds can rely on this bucket truck's hydraulic platform leveling system. The truck level indicator and the safety lanyards add to the different levels of safety integrated into the bucket truck.

Overcenter Terex Bucket Trucks from 30-45 Feet

If you need a more flexible Terex bucket truck from 30-45 feet, then perhaps the Terex HR over-center series is for you. The HR40 reaches a working height of up to 45.8 feet and 33 feet side-reach for the over-center variants. This reach, together with a huge side-mount platform gives workers the edge for material handling applications.

The usability of this truck is what workers who use them love. A Continuous Unrestricted Gear Rotation system gives a smooth ride that can be controlled by the revolutionary Control-Plus 3D Single-Stick control system found at the platform. Workers are allowed to freely maneuver the bucket truck with ease. Jobs that require this versatility can rely on this bucket truck to reach places requiring very minimal effort.

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Terex Bucket Trucks from 30-45 Feet