Terex Bucket Trucks from 46-61 Feet

Schmidy's Terex Bucket Trucks from 46-61 Feet

The Terex TL series offers a line of bucket trucks from 46-61 feet. You can choose from six models from this line, depending on your height requirements. The TL37, the smallest among the group stands at 43 feet while the TL60 can reach heights of up to 65.1 feet. Other variants include the TL41 which reaches up to 47 feet, the TL45 up to 49.8 feet, the TL 50 which is up to 54.5 feet, and the TL55 which goes up to 60.1 feet.

Material handling capabilities are optional for these bucket trucks. Applications that need the power for lifting heavier and greater equipment may choose different options for their bucket trucks. Depending on the application, horizontal reach requirements can also vary. The TL37 has a side reach of 28.6 feet while the largest of the group, the TL60 can have a side reach of up to 40.1 feet.

Platform Capacity for the TL Series

Platform capacity is an important parameter that any company should look into in their bucket trucks. This is the rated load capacity consisting of the weight of personnel and all items carried on or in the platform including the liner. This means that the platform capacity is based on an empty platform. Any supply or manpower added to a platform must be deducted from the stated platform capacity.

For example, the weight of loads for the platform such as occupants, liners, tools, tool trays, and others could be deducted from the platform capacity to get the maximum load. A platform capacity of 600 lbs with a platform liner of 50 lbs has a remaining capacity of 550 lbs which is available for occupants, tools, materials, and others. The Terex TL37 to TL45 bucket trucks have a platform capacity of 400 lbs while the TL50 to TL60 have a maximum platform capacity of 600 lbs.

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Terex Bucket Trucks from 46-61 Feet