Terex Bucket Trucks from 72 Feet and Up

Schmidy's Terex Bucket Trucks from 72 Feet and Up

Working on heights from 72 feet and up requires reliable equipment that you can entrust your life with. Linemen and utility workers trust Terex bucket trucks that are built for such heights. Introducing the Terex Linesman Series, a line of Hi-Ranger Non-Overcenter, Telescopic, Material Handling Aerial Devices that are trusted by linesmen and other utility workers. These tough bucket trucks are made for the toughest jobs.

Terex Hi-Ranger Aerial Devices are known throughout the industry including companies that require working at high levels above the ground. Terex comes with a long history featuring quality and innovative design. The Terex Linesman Series ranges from 87 to 125 feet and has been designed particularly for transmission line work. These units can be certified under ANSI 92.2 for voltages up to 500 kilovolts.

Powerful Terex Bucket Trucks from 72 feet and up

The Terex Linesman Series is composed of three powerful models that differ in working heights and horizontal reaches. The smallest of the group, the TM85, is built to reach heights of up to 87 feet and has a side reach of 47 feet. The TM105 can bring linesmen up to 105 feet and allows side movement of up to 51 feet. The largest, the TM 125 can reach heights of up to 125 feet and can move sideways up to 52 feet.

Other features of these bucket trucks include filament wound glass boom, an open-center hydraulic system, wheel chocks and storage, and two beacons. The emergency descent device and the auxiliary DC power pump make the machine safe to use in case of emergencies such as an outage to the main power system. Workers avoid being trapped high up in their work area in case the power gets cut. These and other safety features are all available in bucket trucks of the Linesman Series.

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Terex Bucket Trucks from 72 Feet and Up