Terex Bucket Trucks Up To 29 Feet

The Terex NT29 is a formidable machine the leads the line of Terex bucket trucks up to 29 feet. More specifically, this Terex bucket truck has a height of 29.3-34.3 feet for the side mount model and 29.8-34.8 feet for the end mount model. It has a side reach of 20.5 and 22.7 feet for the side mount and end mount respectively. The boom can travel 80 degrees above the horizontal and 15 degrees below the horizontal.

The relatively small values give this bucket truck the versatility to work in many light applications. Because of this, the Terex NT29 is also a telescopic bucket truck. This means that members of the boom are stored inside of each other. Using powerful hydraulics, they are able to extend firmly to be able to safely lift the worker in working heights of up to 35 feet. Less booms also means less gross weight for the bucket truck to handle.

Other Features of the NT29 Bucket Truck

The Terex NT29 bucket truck has a platform capacity of up to 350 lbs or 159 kgs, making it very maneuverable and ideal for light tasks. Terex's Control Plus 3D Single-Stick control system makes controlling and navigating the bucket easier and more natural. Add a continuous, unrestricted gear rotation feature to this bucket truck and the worker will be lifted to the work area as smoothly as riding an elevator.

When it comes to safety, bucket trucks like the NT29 gets serious regardless of height. When working at heights that may pose any risk to the worker, safety harnesses are a must. The NT29 has an attached lanyard to keep the worker focused on working on his task. A moving outrigger alarm also notifies a worker for external forces that might be strong enough to topple a boom in operation.

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Terex Bucket Trucks up to 29 Feet

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