Terex International Lamp Ladder

Schmidy's Terex International Lamp Ladder

The TL36 is a Terex International Lamp Ladder. It features the International 4700 which is one of International's bestselling trucks. These bucket trucks drive smoothly and efficiently according to many linemen and installers who have worked with them. They have superior handling that makes them very efficient machines. The gas pedal is adaptive to any kind of driving style. The low profile of the bucket truck makes it easy to mount and dismount workers and equipment.

The 444E Turbo diesel engine of the truck is a powerful friend to any driver. This model can come in turbocharged or electronic-controlled variants. Any utility company that depends on the reliability of their bucket trucks can count on the mileage that this engine delivers. The T44E has a B10 life of 200,000 miles and a B50 life of 350,000 miles. This medium-duty diesel engine is perfect for bucket truck applications.

User-Friendly Lamp Ladder Bucket Truck

The TL36 is loved for its effective handling and controls. This bucket truck has one of the most user-friendly control panels, which increases efficiency and productivity. Comfort is offered with the pistol-grip style that is ergonomically positioned for direct control of the movement. Improved sensitivity is also experienced when driving this model of a bucket truck.

For example, on the main joystick of the bucket truck, a right-handed user's index finger can control the other mechanisms, while the thumb can control the safety or mode selector switch, all without needing to remove the palm from the grip. The positioning of the joystick is also configured to reduce wrist strain and improve movement control. Companies that adopt these bucket truck technologies value their workforce.

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Terex International Lamp Ladder