Versalift Ford Boom

Versalift Bucket Trucks

When it comes to light- to medium-duty bucket trucks, the Versalift Ford Boom combination sure packs a punch. Line workers will surely enjoy working with the power provided by Ford trucks and the flexibility that is innate in all Versalift booms. Ford bucket truck trucks like the F450 can provide the comfort and stability of a Ford truck while working like a horse. The mighty V-10 engine can provide the horsepower needed for various bucket truck applications.

Popular models of the Versalift Ford Boom include a 34-foot working-height Versalift bucket truck with dual controls and auto level. Never has maneuvering a bucket been so much easier and more stable than with new stabilizing technologies operated by intuitive interfaces. This Versalift Ford Boom model can also include other safety features such as airbags and an automatic overdrive transmission.

Ford Bucket Trucks are Powerful to the Core

The Ford E350 is another perfect Ford vehicle for mounting light-duty Versalift booms. The 2006 model of this van features a 6.8L V10 that produces 305 horsepower and 420 lb-ft torque. This gives the E350 the capability to have a truck chassis which goes very well with a Versalift boom. The setup results in a bucket truck that can be used for various mid-height applications.

This bucket truck's core, the Triton Ford Modular Engine, has gone through different rigorous phases to obtain maximum efficiency by outputting more energy for less fuel, and less mechanical effort. The term modular does not refer to the engine itself, but the processes in which the engine has gone through production. Because this bucket truck's engine has been so carefully designed and produced, it has earned many awards for invention, automotive, and energy efficiency.

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Versalift Ford Boom