Top Reasons to Buy Used Bucket Trucks

Reasons to Buy Used Bucket Trucks

Lately, people usually prefer to buy used bucket trucks rather than to buy new bucket trucks.  They have begun to realize that you don’t need to sacrifice quality in the purchase of used forestry and bucket trucks.  In fact, some of the issues that plague new bucket trucks are eliminated with the purchase of used bucket trucks.  Here are some great reasons to buy used bucket trucks:


Buy Used Bucket Trucks Because:

  • Low Risk. If you don’t take out a loan, then you don’t carry the risk of defaulting on it.  Buying a previously owned vehicle is less dangerous since you have an inexpensive loan rate.Buy Used Bucket Trucks

  • Low Overall Cost.  Simple fact: used bucket trucks cost less than new ones do.  Yet, they perform just as well, saving you potentially thousands of dollars.

  • Financing Options. Schmidy’s offers a variety of financing options to meet your needs.  We know that you need the functionality of a quality bucket truck or forestry truck at a reasonable price and we’re committed to helping you reach that goal.

  • Lowered Break-In Time.  Break-in is the time that the engine needs to allow the bearings to set and the piston rings to seal properly around the cylinder.  New bucket trucks sometimes need to accumulate thousands of miles before they achieve this optimum performance.  When you buy used bucket trucks, you save yourself that trouble.

  • Trusted Bucket Truck Dealer. Schmidy’s is a trusted dealer of used bucket trucks with the reputation to back it up.  When you buy new, you have no idea how that vehicle may perform for you.  We’ve vigorously tested each used vehicle in our fleet to make sure that it meets our standards and yours.


Buy a Used Bucket Truck from a Dealer You Can Trust

Buying pre-owned or used bucket trucks is a great way to get the equipment you need at a price you can afford.  Whether you’re a utility contractor, road construction crew, forestry professional, telecommunications company, or any other business requiring bucket trucks, forestry trucks, cranes, boom trucks, stump grinders, chip trucks, wood chippers, or any other piece of equipment in Schmidy’s inventory, you can rest assured that when you visit us, you’re in good hands.


Reasons to Buy Used Bucket Trucks: Schmidy's the Used Bucket Truck Dealer