Terex Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet

Schmidy's Terex Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet

Tree trimming has never been easier with equipment like Terex bucket trucks from 62-71 feet that help. The Terex XT series is a serious line of machinery when it comes to applications reaching from up to 75 feet. The XT60/70 is a Hi-Ranger over-center aerial device that is specifically designed for arborists who want the flexibility of a bucket truck.

The side-mounted 24”x24”x40” one-person platform provides enough room for the worker to carry out his tasks with ease. It can carry up to 350 lbs of weight, supported by a 35-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir. Side storage lets workers store their tools and other equipment, while their strategic location within the bucket truck provides them with convenience.

Terex XT Bucket Truck Models

The Terex XT line of bucket trucks comes in four different models to address different height requirements for tree workers. The bucket trucks included in the XT series include the XT55, the XT60, the XT55/65, and the XT60/70. The difference between the heights of the largest bucket truck in the XT series from the smallest one is 15 feet, making a huge difference in performance and cost. Your height requirement should perfectly match the bucket truck model that you are about to purchase.

The following is a summary of the specifications of the Terex XT series according to working height and horizontal reach.

Model Working Height Side Reach
XT55 60.0 ft 44.9 ft
XT60 65.0 ft 49.9 ft
XT55/65 70.0 ft 44.9 ft
XT60/70 75.5 ft 49.9 ft


Schmidy's Machinery has a wide range of new and used Terex bucket trucks from 62-71 feet that you can choose from. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our inventory, or see a bucket truck in action. Schmidy's Machinery is dedicated to providing you with only the top bucket trucks in the market for your application.

Terex Bucket Trucks from 62-71 Feet