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Heavy Duty Bucket TrucksSchmidy's Heavy-Duty Bucket Trucks

Heavy-duty bucket trucks are class 7-8 types of trucks and have a gross weight of over 26,000 lbs.

These bucket trucks are usually used for heavy applications such as lifting to higher heights or lifting greater loads.

The controls of the booms are usually independent for greater flexibility delivered to the basket. A tilt wheel is used to stabilize the baskets to allow the booms to be angled while keeping the basket level.

Heavy-duty bucket trucks have been utilized by utility companies, and in particular power companies, for all types of serial maintenance and repairs.

There is a need for the design of heavy bucket trucks to retain a correct center of gravity to be able to perform tasks at great heights or support heavier loads. These bucket trucks have also been engineered to keep maximum safety standards in check.

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Heavy Duty Bucket Trucks for Elevating Electrical Equipment

In general, the equipment for installing apparatus at an elevated location at a site is composed of a heavy-duty bucket truck for a worker and a material handling crane. Both components are controlled by independent booms that allow optimum positioning for maximum worker efficiency. That is, the vertical and horizontal axis of both upper and lower booms can be individually controlled.

Proper control in bucket trucks required for heavy jobs means that a panel for controlling the motion and position of the basket should be readily accessible to the worker. A two-man basket would be ideal for this scenario. Once the basket and the equipment are in position, the worker can now safely proceed with the rest of the installation process.

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